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Are you a lover of Scotland`s nectar ? , then why not try a Scottish Whisky experience that takes you to some of the lesser known Lowlands.

We can take you on a magical journey through scenic Central Scotland, a short distance from Edinburgh to savour a selection of these sweet and gentle malts.

Tullibardine Distillery
Tullibardine Distillery
The Kelpies
Holyrood Distillery Tour
Hollyrood Distillery

I have long been a Whisky lover, I enjoy savouring its unique taste, and collecting the odd bottle here and there. Whisky Auctions have a lot to answer for !!  Since moving to the Lowlands from the Highlands of Scotland, I am experiencing the subtle differences the different regions of Whisky have to offer. Having been an ardent fan of “Highland Park”, from the Orkney Islands with its deliciously smooth Peaty influence, I am enjoying the differences, especially “Glengoyne 12yr”. This coupled with one of the best Distillery/Tasting tours you are likely to experience.

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